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The wake of the recent Thomas Cook collapse has once again raised the debate on whether it's better to book holidays directly, instead of relying on high street or online travel agents. In the case of the thousands of stranded travellers and those whose future travel plans have been cancelled, it certainly seems so.

In fact, in all cases, there are many reasons why booking direct can result in the best deal for you. We've rounded up our top six reasons why we believe you're better off booking direct...


1. It's often cheaper to book direct

Online travel agents (OTA) charge commission on all the bookings they generate, and often this extra expense can be subtly passed on to you. A recent guest of ours booked a stay via a third party website, who charged her an extra £268 as a "service fee." Had they come directly to us, they would have booked the exact same property without this additional fee, making the stay a lot less expensive overall. OTA's can be a great way to find unique places to stay, but it's always worth checking with us first. 

2. It takes out the middle man

When you're using an online travel agent, you're primarily their customer rather than ours. Sometimes, customer details and even entire bookings can get lost in transit between an OTA and your accommodation, which would certainly ruin the holiday mood! When you book directly with us, all your information is securely stored on our system so we will never lose track of you! Availabilty is often not live on third party sites, which can lead to issues like double bookings. For live up-to-the-minute availability, check our website.

3. It gives you more peace of mind

Booking directly with us secures your stay. Recent events have shown us that relying on third parties can result in your holiday disappearing overnight if unforeseen issues arise. None of us like adding unnecessary risk when it comes to our precious time away with friends and family, so guarantee your getaway by coming to us directly. 

4. You get a more personal service

Would you like a trvel cot and high chair to be added to your cottage prior to arrival? We can do that. Are you arranging for a birthday cake to be delivered for a special birthday? We'll bring it to your lodge for you. Want your beds made up in a specific way? You've got it. Booking directly through our website gives you the opportunity to make special requests for a totally personalised service, and we will always do our best to accommodate you. You just need to ask!

 5. You might receive 10% off!

Did you know that we offer a last-minute booking discount on all of our properties? If you book a stay within 5 days of your arrival date, you will receive 10% off your whole booking! This offer is exclusive to us and isn't available via any third party sites, so you can only redeem it by booking direct. This is common practice with many hotels and holiday destinations, so you'll often find places offering exclusive deals to direct customers. 

 6. You're supporting a family business

When you book directly with High Oaks Grange, you're helping to support our family business, and we really do appreciate it! We're real people who live and work in Yorkshire, not some large overseas corporation. This way, you know that any queries will be answered by our team as quickly as possible, and you won't be left speaking to a call centre robot. Nobody knows our properties as well as we do, and we're always happy to chat! It's also worth noting that when you book with us directly, your money is staying in the UK and being used to improve our own facilities, rather than being spent on flashy ads.


All in all, we think the choice is pretty clear! Booking direct is the best way to ensure that your short break runs as smoothly as possible, and that you end up with the best value, service, and holiday. 

So, when are you checking in? 

If you're keen to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the North York Moors National Park, click here to book a short break (directly!) one of our luxurious properties. 

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