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If you’re up for an adventure and some truly unforgettable sights, then come with us as we have a look at the wonderful Kilburn White Horse Walk near Sutton Bank. It takes just over half an hour to drive to the start of the walk from High Oaks Grange, so it will make a great day out.

Image: The Yorkshire Post 

About The White Horse:

The Kilburn White Horse is a chalk hill figure cut into the hillside. At 318 feet long, and covering approximately 1.6 acres, it is said to be the largest and most northerly hill figure in England. 

The horse was created in 1857, when the outline was marked out by the Kilburn village schoolmaster and his pupils. Remember this piece of trivia to impress your walking party when you are on your way!

The Walk:

The walk to see the Kilburn White Horse is fairly strenuous, navigating the steep valley slopes of Kilburn Woods, so make sure you’re ready for a tough but rewarding trail.

The route starts from the Sutton Bank National Park Centre car park and follows the edge of Roulston Scar, giving breath-taking views across the vales of York and Mowbray. The trail then descends the steep paths into the beautiful Kilburn Woods, before climbing back up the slope alongside the White Horse. The woodland is very picturesque, and you are sure to spot a wealth of wildlife and wildflowers, so keep your camera handy. The walk is considered to be ‘Moderate to Difficult’ with several climbs and descents throughout, some of which can be quite muddy or slippery after wet weather. So, take it easy, and allow 3 to 3.5 hours to complete this walk.

Walk Stats:

Difficulty – Moderate/difficult

Great for – Hiking, bird watching, a bit of a challenge!

Length – 3 miles (4.8km)

Time – Allow 3+ hours

Start/Finish – Sutton Bank National Park Centre car park

Refreshments – Sutton Bank National Park Centre (currently closed, take a picnic!)

Toilets – Start/finish of walk

If this sounds like the perfect walk for you, you can download the walk map and guide here.



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