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At High Oaks Grange, we're always trying to think of ways to lessen our ecological footprint, whilst never compromising on the luxurious service we offer our guests.

Something that we've always been mindful of is wanting to lessen the wastage involved with the bottles of premium toiletries we provide. We're proud to say that we have found an answer by joining the CleanConscience initiative.

CleanConscience is an organisation which works alongside hotels and toiletry manufacturers to ensure that plastic bottles are recycled, and the maximum amount of partially used hotel soap and toiletries are recovered, re-purposed and redistributed for the benefit of those most in need.

The High Oaks Grange housekeeping team will collect the empty and partly used toiletries and bars of soap from our properties at the end of each stay. These are sent to a CleanConscience processing unit, and handled in one of several ways as demonstrated below:

Re-using the liquid toiletries - Partly used bottles are decanted by volunteers, re-packaged in large volume containers, and made available for corporate charity donation to organisations in need of supplies, such as shelters and support facilities.

Re-purposing unused toiletries - Opened, almost full bottles are sanitised by volunteers, ready for placement into CareKit toiletry packs, which are distributed amongst charities, homeless shelter, and humanitarian organisations who ship emergency packs to areas in the world where natural and economic disaster threatens the lives of vulnerable children and adults.

Recycling the bottles and tubes - Empty plastic bottles and tubes are sent to an Energy from Waste facility, where incinerators convert waste plastics into energy. With state-of-the-art pollution control equipment to filter emissions, this results in clean, renewable energy.

Re-purposing the soaps - Soap bars are sorted, cleaned, chipped and re-processed into soap powder and soap noodles, which are sent to the Kori Women’s Development Project in Sierra Leone, where micro-enterprises are set up to enable local women to support themselves and their families.



We are thrilled to be partnering with an organisation who are committed to converting wastage from the hospitality industry into care packages for those most in need. Joining this initiative allows us to continue using the luxury personal toiletries that our guests love, whilst ensuring that every single bottle will contribute to worthwhile causes.



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