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North York Moors National Park

After spending time at High Oaks Grange, we hope that you will agree that the North York Moors has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. Here are just a few other facts you may not already know about your holiday destination.

  1. The North York Moors became a National Park on 28 November 1952 and is one of 15 National Parks in the United Kingdom.
  2. It covers an area of 554 square miles (1,436 square kilometres) and has 26 miles of coastline.
  3. There are 1,408 miles (2,268km) of Public Rights of Way in the National Park.
  4. The highest point in the North York Moors is Urra Moor at 454 metres.
  5. It contains the largest expanse of heather moorland in England and Wales covering an area of over 44,000 hectares or around one third of the National Park.
  6. Woodland and forests cover about 22% of the National Park and it has one of the largest concentrations of ancient and veteran trees in northern England.
  7. The river Esk which flows from the moor tops to the North Sea at Whitby, is the only river in Yorkshire and one of only seven in England that contains the fascinating freshwater pearl mussel.
  8. Chimney Bank in Rosedale vies with Cumbria's Hardknott Pass for the steepest road in England with a gradient of 1 in 3.
  9. There are over 700 Scheduled Monuments within the North York Moors and around 3,000 listed buildings. Almost a third of the Scheduled Monuments for the Yorkshire & Humber region can be found in the National Park.
  10. There are around 1,500 boundary stones and crosses in the North York Moors including Lilla Cross, one of the oldest Christian monuments in England dating from 626 AD, which stands on Lilla Howe, a round barrow.

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