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The Bridestones are a group of large sandstone rocks that stand high up on Staindale Moor within Dalby Forest's moorlands. Jutting out at some amazing angles, you'll be amazed by these ancient rock formations. 


What are bridestones?

Bridestones are unique rock formations located in Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire. Originally formed by movement of glaciers during the last Ice Age, the sandstone formations date back 150 million years ago. Amazing that such history is just a stone throw away from the gates of High Oaks Grange. You'll find more information on the plaque at the start of the trail in Dalby Forest.



Why do they form?

Bridestones are formed by the weathering of the sandstone. When these rocks are exposed to water, wind and ice, they erode into layers. The layers are then weathered further by more erosion from wind and water. It has created some odd shapes. Some flat enough to climb and take in the fabulous views of the moors and others you just need to stand and admire. You may even find a picnic spot with a difference. 



How to see the Bridestones

You'll find the best way to see these enchanting stones on foot. Located in Dalby Forest, the Great Yorkshire Forest, make your way to the car park near Staindale Lake. It's a short climb up a woodland path, to the expansive moorland. The majority of this walk is in open countryside with some great places to stop and admire the views. Once you have taken in the views, you will come across the first naturally sculptured sandstone formations. There are quite a few bridestones on this walk that you can marvel at.

Along the walk you'll find yourself crossing a little stream and then finding even more of the stones on the otherside of the valley. You then get to walk downhill, through the woodland, across grass fields and back to the car park.

The route starts from the Bridestones car park, near Staindale Lake. The trail length is 1.5 miles and there is a moderate climb. You can download the trail map.



The Bridestones are a sight to behold whatever season you visit. In summer the heather is in full bloom and in autumn the golden colours of the season are stunning.  We encourage you to visit them if you can! If you are visiting with the children, then why not explore more of Dalby Forest and visit the Dalby Forest Visitors Centre where you will find a great adventure playground to burn off any remaining excess energy. 

 Fancy combining Bridestones with another walk? You'll find another short Dalby Forest walk on our blog. Exploring the woodland and the moorlands is a fantastic way to experience the different aspects of the Great Yorkshire Forest. 

 After all the walking, then you'll be sure of some relaxation in your luxury accommodation at High Oaks Grange, just a short drive from Dalby Forest. Choose one of our 5 star cottages or lodges where you can soak away the miles you have just walked in one of the bubbling hot tubs. 

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